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Premium Executive Coaching

Classic Coaching
We will post your CV and documentation on our intranet for internal use. Should we receive an assignment which fits your profile, we will contact you. There is no additional cost for this service.

Premium Executive Coaching - A Professional Partnership
In the 20+ years that I have been in the Executive Search field, I frequently see highly qualified candidates who wish to pursue new challenges. There are various tactics and different methods to successfully reach this goal. Two of the most popular is reaching out to one’s own network and by the direct and broad distribution of your CV by conventional and electronic means. Of course, each method has advantages and disadvantages.

Premium Executive Coaching - How does it work?

In a traditional executive search firm, the consultant will contact qualified candidates only when there is a mandate from a company to support an assignment.

My years of experience have proven that it is of great importance, when looking for a new challenge, that a candidate reevaluate and reassess one’s CV and presentation approach and techniques in relationship to the current market.

For an active executive coaching, I will review, evaluate and assess your CV, credentials and dossier with you. Together, we will develop and define a strategy that will identify significant characteristics such as target industry, function, companies and contacts worldwide. I will implement this strategy by contacting the right individuals and executives with the goal to identify an interesting and challenging position/function for you.

Fee Structure: Generally, the fee for an Executive Coaching averages CHF 10 -15K. My fee structure is as follows: I would invoice you a one-time fee of CHF 7K. Should you sign a contract with a new employer that results from a mandate I receive, this amount will be refunded when my client pays his fee.

For your information, my profile is attached. Thank you for your interest in
RF Executive Search Worldwide.

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International Tax & Trust Lawyers

International Tax & Trust Lawyers
Job specification

About the Law Firm

The company is the among the world's largest law firm with a global network of 78 offices in 45 countries, with more than 4500 lawyers worldwide, more than 500 of the firm's lawyers practice exclusively in the international tax area. The firm's International Tax Group forms one of the largest and most sophisticated tax practices of any law firm in the world today.

A committed team of international tax, trust, and litigation and banking specialists advise a global clientele of private banks, trustees and private individuals in relation to wealth management. The expansion of the wealth management team has resulted in openings in this area in the Zurich office.

About the position

Join a highly dynamic group of international lawyers focusing on some of the most sophisticated issues facing the wealth management industry and its clients today. You have:

- a strong academic record;
- 2+ years experience in an established U.S., UK or
International law firm following admission to the bar;
domestic estate planning experience;
- experience with domestic and international tax rules relevant
to both corporations and individuals;
- experience in dealing with international estate and trust
- experience in dealing with the development of tax-based
insurance products;
- an interest in developing expertise in the tax laws of countries.

This is an opportunity to undertake exciting multi-jurisdictional work with a diverse international corporate, banking and individual client base.

The ideal Candidate*

- Swiss, or Permit B + C holders
- Nationals of EU-25 Member States and EFTA
International with multicultural experience
- Age Experience is important
- Education & Training
- Academic background
- Degree in law including admission to the bar
- Languages Business fluent in English (necessity)
- Fluent in your market�¢ï¿½ï¿½s language
Each additional language is an asset
The ideal experience and functional attitudes
- 2+ years�¢ï¿½ï¿½ experience in an established U.S., UK or
International law firm following admission to the bar
- Domestic estate planning experience
- Experience with domestic and international tax rules relevant
to both corporations and individuals
- Experience in dealing with international estate and trust
- Experience in dealing with the development of tax-based
insurance products; and, An interest in developing expertise in
the tax laws of countries.
Personal qualities
- High degree of ethical and compliance standards and behavior
- Professional written and verbal communication and
interpersonal skills
- Strong analytic abilities
- Strong process leadership skills demonstrated through
previous project management
- Social competence (listening skills, constructive openness,
teamwork, multicultural competence, team player)
- Personality competence (integrity, learning, holistic thinking,
entrepreneurial acting
Availability As soon as possible
Compensation Interesting enough to attract the right candidate, dependent on agreed business plan
Location Zurich, Switzerland

*Male and female candidates are welcome

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George Washington

George Washington�s Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation 1st
Every action done in company ought to be with some sign of respect to those that are present.
Use no reproachful language against any one; neither curse nor revile.
Be not forward but friendly and courteous; be the first to salute, hear and answer; & be not pensive when it is time to converse.
When another speaks be attentive yourself and disturb not the audience; if any hesitates in his words, help him not, nor prompt him without desired, interrupt him not, nor answer him till his speech be ended.
Be not tedious in discourse, make not many digressions, nor repeat often the same manner of discourse.
Labour to keep alive in your breast that little celestial fire called conscience.

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How to Lead Your Team Through Change?

1. Create a plan
2. Understand the end goal
3. Communicate clearly
4. Identify key players
5. Delegate tasks
6. Set realistic objectives
7. Manage expectations
8. Hold people accountable

(Abigail Phillips)

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Ten Steps We Take To Find Executive Talents

We approach each assignment with a clear-cut search strategy after thoroughly assessing the specific situation and after developing a comprehensive and detailed position specification describing your requirements. Our strategy includes a specific target list of pertinent companies in which the prospective candidate may be found coupled with a thorough, professional and trustworthy approach to identifying and attracting the best-qualified candidates.

Our efforts generally comprise the following ten steps:

-Initial Meeting to understand your organization and the challenges of the position.
- Define the ideal candidate profile
- Identify pertinent target firms and industry sectors.
- Identify prospective candidates.
- Assess, evaluate and present prospective candidates.
- We attend the first client meeting with each candidate.
- We thoroughly check references.
- Assist in the negotiation of the final offer and the terms of the employment contract.
- Final communication upon closure of assignment.
- Post-search follow-up with you and the successful candidate.

We always keep in mind while approaching candidates and sources that we represent your company in the marketplace. We put our emphasis on the fulfillment of your needs and the impact of the placement on your organization’s performance.

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