Monday, 21. April 2014 - 08:25 time
Ten Steps We Take To Find Executive Talents

We approach each assignment with a clear-cut search strategy after thoroughly assessing the specific situation and after developing a comprehensive and detailed position specification describing your requirements. Our strategy includes a specific target list of pertinent companies in which the prospective candidate may be found coupled with a thorough, professional and trustworthy approach to identifying and attracting the best-qualified candidates.

Our efforts generally comprise the following ten steps:

-Initial Meeting to understand your organization and the challenges of the position.
- Define the ideal candidate profile
- Identify pertinent target firms and industry sectors.
- Identify prospective candidates.
- Assess, evaluate and present prospective candidates.
- We attend the first client meeting with each candidate.
- We thoroughly check references.
- Assist in the negotiation of the final offer and the terms of the employment contract.
- Final communication upon closure of assignment.
- Post-search follow-up with you and the successful candidate.

We always keep in mind while approaching candidates and sources that we represent your company in the marketplace. We put our emphasis on the fulfillment of your needs and the impact of the placement on your organizationís performance.

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