Tuesday, 15. December 2020 - 12:20 time
2020 - Corona Virus - 2021

Dear Clients & Candidates

First, we would like to thank you for your positiv partnership! We know, it was and will not be easy in the future. We hope that it did not hurt you to much?
We wish you a successful and healthy End of the Year and a successful Start into the New Year! Stay healthy.

Tuesday, 23. June 2020 - 13:42 time

Dear Clients & Candidates
I hope you are all okay? I know it is a very hard and difficult situation for everybody!
I am convinced, we will get out of this situation! I even guess it will make us stronger!
All the very Best!
Rolf Frick & My Team

Thursday, 21. May 2020 - 12:07 time

Dear Clients, Business Partners, Friends
I hope that you are healthy. I wish you all the very Best!
If I can support you, please let me know.
Rolf Frick

Monday, 27. April 2020 - 20:36 time
Coronavirus - Actual Situation

I hope that everybody is still healthy!
I wish everybody all the very Best!
Take care!
Rolf Frick

Saturday, 28. March 2020 - 14:18 time

Dear Clients & Friends
I/We wish you all the very Best and take care!
Rolf Frick +

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