Systematic Search for Executives, Specialists and Board Members

We use a disciplined approach to support top management in solving business problems to attract competent and professional executives.

It involves the following phases:

1. The analytical phase

Understand the client’s specific situation and professional needs. Define and agree on the precise requirements. Execute the accurate and comprehensive Job Specification.

2. The search phase

Focus on finding the best solution relative to the client’s needs. Define and identify the right industries and target companies.

3. The evaluation phase

An objective analysis of the possible solutions in relation to the client’s specifications. Comprehensive evaluation of the appropriate candidates.

4. The presentation phase

Correlate the results of the previous phases with the needs of the client. In general, we attend the meetings with each candidate as a facilitator. We support our clients in the negotiation of the final offer and the terms of the employment contract/agreement.

5. The first 100 days

We consult and coach clients and candidates in this important introductory phase.

We always keep in mind while approaching candidates and sources that we represent your company in the marketplace. We put our emphasis on the fulfillment of your needs and the impact of the placement on your organization’s performance.